About Priscila Soares – Primagine


– I first learned how to sculpt, draw and paint with my paternal grandmother.

– When I was really young, I loved to build clay figures and small clay houses. Later, my passion focused on drawing based on images I found on magazines, particularly people.

– As a teenager, I explored the world of photography. I loved to take self-portraits to practice and expand my skills.

– My favorite part of my childhood birthday parties was neither the cake nor my friends arrival (although I loved them both too). It was watching and participating on the creation of the party decor. My mom and her sisters spent days prior to the party building a “dreamland” decoration of any specific theme, usually the one I was most obsessed with on that specific year. The food was also homemade and often followed the theme of the party too.

– My brother is 10 years younger than me. This is where my involvement with children first flourished. I often dedicated a lot of my artistic talent to him, his bedroom decor and his birthday parties.

– I once wanted to become an actress. I actually attempted going to an acting school in Brazil. I didn’t pass the test by one point, so I changed my career goals. I was 17.

– I studied Art Education in Brazil then moved to San Francisco to major in Motion Picture at the Academy of Art University.

– At Elementary school, my art teacher said I had all it takes to become an artist. The principal of my Middle school told me I’d become a writer. My math teacher in High School was shocked when I told him I had no interest in following the path of the mathematicians. My sculpture teacher in College pushed me aside to ask me if I was majoring in Motion Picture because I wanted to be rich, and if that was why I was not majoring in Sculpture instead.

– I have learned how to twist balloons while I was pregnant with my first child. I still remember most of it.

– I love to paint people’s faces and bodies. The feline paintings interests me the most.

– I’m a Photoshop addict and I love my Wacom tablet.

– I collect Graphic Novels. I grew up reading comic books from my parent’s collection such as Disney, Asterix, Timtim and Luck Lucky.

– I love to cook, an art inherited from my mom’s amazing talents in the kitchen.

– The book “Conversations with God” changed the way I see life, most specifically, my life.

– I’m hard of hearing. I need to wear BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) devices to hear. Without it, I only have about 30% hearing in one ear.

– I know three languages: English, Portuguese and SEE Sign.

– I learned English while living in Florida for 3 months, at the age of 17. I returned home feeling assured I would come back to the US.

– I’m drawn to all mediums, art in general just fascinates me.

– I’m in love.