Cute Style

Please fill out this initial form to request your own Personalized Cute Sculpture. You will be contacted within 24hrs with further questions for a more accurate estimate. Once accepted, there will be a request for picture references.

* Your Full Name:

* Your Email:

* Your Phone Number:

* How many adults 18 yrs or older will be sculpted?:

* How many children between 3 and 18 years old will be sculpted?:

* How many toddlers between 1 and 3 years old will be sculpted?:

* How many babies under 1 year old will be sculpted?:

* When do you need it by? (requests are only accepted at least 2 months prior to the shipment date):

Additional items you may want on your sculpture:

ChairSofa/BenchPetsHats/ HelmetsOther

If other, please specify:

* Please describe the pose you have in mind:


The Process:

Order Request (needs to be filled out at least 1 months prior to delivery date):

You fill out the initial form above for a cake topper request. You will receive an email with any further questions I may have about your customized request. Once I get a clear idea, I will be sending you the estimate and the contract agreement.

Once payment is made, I will begin sketching the pose for your approval.

Pictures (needs to be shared at least 45 days prior to delivery date):

  • If more than one person will be sculpted, a picture showing everyone standing next to
    each other to give an idea of the difference in height.
  • Front and Side images of each person and animal being sculpted.
  • Photos of outfits, hairstyle, shoes or accessories in which will need to be replicated.
  • Photos of any other references needed.

Click here to learn step-by-step on how to take the pictures correctly.

Extra pictures are always welcome, it can be a link, an internet image, access to your social media page, or whatever helps to better show me what you’d want to have on your sculpture.


This process may take from 2 to 4 weeks depending on how many steps are needed and how many orders I have. During this time I may or may not share the process with you to make sure things are accurate.

Shipping (delivery):

The final piece is shipped via USPS. All damages must be reported within 3 days after delivery otherwise it will be deemed in good condition.


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